Publishing is Changing. For the Better.


Thanks to the rise in the popularity of tablets and mobile devices, magazines are back in a big way. Digital publications are enjoying steady growth in readership due in part to the release of new devices and further adoption of digital magazines.

We’ve created our own take on publishing, which enables the marketing investment to act as both a client retention and client acquisition tool. The nature of this publishing model means content is both nimble and highly targeted.

Digital distribution allows us to blend national and regional advertisers together, and robust analytics enable us to report in real time to our clients and stakeholders. The success of the platform is dependent on exposing your brand to a shared distribution. Unlike other models, we celebrate your brand and your offerings, with the specific goal of getting users to engage. And by treating all partners as equals, we create a ecosphere of co-operative promotion and sales to a highly targeted and engaged audience.

Some of Our Titles

High Net Worth Audiences.

Zest magazine was created for clients of a travel concierge service and those of their wealth management partners. Zest is about living a more adventurous life, with original, intelligent and relevant content crafted toward living life to the fullest. We create titles like Zest for financial institutions, auto manufacturers, and airlines, so they can deliver great content and value to their top clients.

Wellness Travel.

As an early-to-market platform in this growing global industry, Wander is all about exploring wellness and active travel. Content is both aspirational and actionable, with contributions from thought-leaders in the health and wellness space. Wander is distributed across partners through a unique publishing model we created, delivering the coveted jewels of both customer acquisition and retention.

Meet the New Redneck.

Tackle is aimed towards the urban outdoorsman, a well-educated, high-earning adventurer who is looking to reconnect with the great outdoors. He is smart, motivated, and willing to spend money with brands that will deliver the best experiences. Next up? Cargo (real life destination gear guides), Kids in Tow (not your typical family all-inclusives) and Syrup (Canada, curated).