Driven by Analytics…Not Assumptions

The Challenge

Well beyond advertising and marketing, companies have now been asked to become publishers and distributors of content. The knee jerk reaction has been to open multiple social media and digital channels: have the CEO start tweeting, become bloggers, create Facebook pages, spend a good portion of the budget on videos for YouTube channels, and the like.

The problem is around this growing demand, which takes away from core business. As new channels are set up, time, money and resources are employed to continuously “feed the beast.”And is it working? Are they directly driving business? Who knows. There is an inevitable loss of monitoring

The Solution

The need now is to conduct a neutral, third-party audit of social, creative and digital assets to determine what is and isn’t working in terms of moving company objectives forward in meaningful, accountable way.

As content marketing becomes the standard, these demands are only going to increase, and the digital landscape is going to get even more cluttered. There is a distinct need to develop a clear and concise analytic picture to help companies navigate this environment in a meaningful way, so they can shift focus back to their core objectives.

How? Download our process and case studies.