Project Leads

Matthew Ross
Matthew is a creative director and photographer based in Collingwood, Ontario.  For 15 years he worked in Toronto, creating brands, providing strategies and executions of creative concepts for companies ranging from Microsoft to Rogers Media.  His success stems from a unique perspective on problem solving and firm belief that if creative is worth doing, its execution must be great. He brings to the table an ability to distill client challenges into simple, manageable, and executable objectives.  His experience in the agency world gives him access to a team of talented content providers to execute the creative vision and provide tangible, measurable results for his clients.

Kristina Smith
Kristina brings an extensive marketing background to the team, overseeing strategies for several national and multi-national brands during the past 15+ years. She runs a tight ship with experience in the development of multi-channel campaigns to complex eCommerce websites. Her solid track-record for driving traffic and database growth meshes with experience executing marketing strategies across social media, email, and web, including content, sponsorship, and advertising initiatives. The data miner, she is responsible for analysis and reporting and is fixated on conversion. Kristina has worked with B2B and B2C brands in the travel, spa, marketing, and retail verticals.

We’re Not Alone

Springfed relies heavily on the members of our collective to provide innovative and results-oriented solutions for clients. Take a look – we think you’ll like what you see.

Tad Munnings

The moving image is at the centre of our age – powerful and persuasive – inciting riots and inspiring change. Recently, technology has opened the floodgates: we are now utterly awash in a seeming infinity of moving images. The challenge then is to find a voice that can still be heard in the maelstrom. To this end, Tad is committed to the power of a well-told story – developing, producing, and directing moving images for advertising, television, and documentary.

Brendan Christie

Brendan is a veteran writer, editor and content strategist. He’s lead several national and international magazines – including Maxim Canada, The Reporter/Style Reporter, TIFF and Playback – and created targeted, consumer-driven content for clients such as Scotiabank, MasterCard, Audi, Canada’s 100 Best and Plan Canada.

Brian Hunt

Brian is an accomplished Director and DOP with an action sports background. His understanding for storytelling at the post production level is a major influence in his shooting. Brian delivers both technical and creative expertise to the team. Brian has worked closely with companies to develop corporate training programs.

Amber Harloff

Amber is a passionate artist who blends paper-craft and stop motion photography with computer animation to produce remarkable videos that stand out in the online media space. Her unique style has caught the attention of businesses like Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Peel District School Board, and Burroughs ATM service, who see Amber’s eye-catching approach as a way to tell their story in an original way.